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eriniella asked:

i'm going out with this guy who is basically a victorian. he doesn't have an appreciation for my vocabulary. why? i can speak tongue. what could possibly go wrong?

He doesn’t appreciate your modern day vocabulary? 

Can you speak in tongues or “speak tongue”? Either seems like a major plus, honestly.

He has to come to accept that he can be his own kind of crazy Goth crazy person, but he has to accept you for who are as well. If he’s expecting a partner he can make in his image he’d better start digging graves and praying for lightning.

If he’s interested in taking you exactly as you are, but is off to a rocky start- that happens in a lot of new relationships. It will probably take awhile for you guys to learn where and how much you want to bend for each other. 

I hope your getting some poetry out of the whole thing. ;-)


Wait a goddamn second! Forget everything I just said about Rozz - you don’t think that *I* think that those other people are all Goth do you?!

If this is finally someone trolling me, good job because that hurts. That really hurts me deep inside.

Is THIS the 4chans? Is this what they do ?

Where are my good reading glasses when I need them?!?!


Anonymous asked:

Rozz willians is death rock not goth

Christian Death is Death Rock, but his solo stuff is mostly avantgarde/spokenword experiments which I don’t have a good label for, but I can’t see as being Death Rock.

If you’re saying he himself wasn’t a Goth because he didn’t perform Gothic Rock; that definition is far too limited for me to agree with.

Still, with every genre/label the founders never fit the mould they created. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had rejected that label. He seemed to thrive on creating in challenging grey spaces; even ones that made the audience uncomfortable.

In any case, the joke “game” is called Goth instead of Bingo because I ran out of people in his tag. ;-p

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